Overflow returns to battle with its fourth reference which is not going to leave no one indifferent. Good music and some emotional smile is what gives us the duo of Barcelona Retronouveau in their “Mojabragas EP”.

After beautiful Candongo Ep (OVF 03), our dear Javier Orduña repeats with us doing what he can do so well: Good techno. His passion and obsession for Dub and Detroit scene is well known and he makes that clear in his amazing sets that have gone across all around the Spanish scene. On the other hand, Hector Herrera (aka Impulse), recently emigrated to oriental soil, where he’s becoming established as an authentic alien of the decks.

 In “Mojabragas EP”, we will find lots of that pleasant, positive and danceable techno-dub that we love and to which we don’t get tired of. The other track, Molinillo Man is genuine Overflow!!!

And to round off this enjoyable reference, Stereovirus (Dosem + Activates) give us an authentic bomb track… be attentive with “Mojabragas remix”, with which they are going to blow up many of the best dance floors of the international panorama. It is not coincidence that Technasia has recruited them for the ranks of Sino. We have to admit it, yes, we have soaked our knickers as well!!


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