OVFREC 003. DEEP’S EDAYAR “Candongo EP”.


Third reference of Overflow Records, Candongo EP, with Deep’s Edayar, duo composed by Manel Ruiz and Javier Orduña. Manel and Javier have more than a decade offering us good and particular music, Manel as Sistema and Javier Orduña as one half of the respected duo Retronoveau. From the passion for the good dub and the trying to escape from fashions, there was born their project Deep’s Edayar, where they show off their particular sense of humor and good cosmic sound.

They deliver to us “Slices” and “Dub in Carre4″, two good and creamy techno-dub tracks, which is going to surprise more of one.


We have a happy ending for this chapter, through “Slices” remix, by our Turkish star Ismail Genc, better known as Havantepe, who deliver to us a high quality techno track very deep like all his previous work. Fine techno at the height of any production of Gez Varley or Marko Füstenberg. Remember, Overflow Records wish you a happy sonorous trip.

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