OVFREC 001. DJORVIN CLAIN “Unwritten Secrets”.


Overflow Records is proud to present its first reference by Djorvin Clain, a young and talented Belgian with a really personal and interesting musical projection. Obsessed by a deep and atemporal sound, hard influenced by Berlin and Detroit, gives us the first cut of this OVF 001 “Unwritten Secrets”, a techno-trip towards another galaxy with deep and atmospheric dub winks, perfect to dance with the head or to close the eyes and to allow us to be absorbed in the middle of the track.

The second cut comes by one of the Madrilenians who knows more about sonorous cosmos. Tadeo offers us a delightful remix, taking all the echo from the original and giving him this emotional and detroitian touch which delights us. Techno without age and very mature for this OVF001.



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