Lot Amoros

Lot Amorós is a computer engineer and multidisciplinary artist. Develops visualization information interfaces, performances and  interactive reality augmented audiovisual instruments.
His artistic debut was through visual algorithm programming code reagents for live music. Later his research lines move to the possibilities of technology overlapping it to the physical world, looking for the border and the interfaces of both realities, blurring the boundary of digital.
He has also experimented with acoustic microsounds present in each object and its possibilities in the spontaneous generation of emotions and altered states of consciousness. Free software activist and public data, builds public networks and technology for orchards citizens. He has made critical works on the semiotics of the Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip.
He has exhibited works in Sao Paulo, Quebec, Slovenia, France and Spain. It has been present in festivals such as FACYL, EME3, taught workshops on technology in universities and communities. Support groups developing circus and theater stage sets increased.

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