Created in 2003, countless musicians, designers, cultural activists, photographers, multimedia artists, etc had joined Overflow Collective, creating a legion of artists with more than 9 years of experience. This collective has created projects for brands such as PUMA (PUMA CITY Cultural Management in the Volvo Ocean Race), AMSTEL (Culural management  in AMSTEL LOUNGE Centers in Alicante ) MUSTANG (sponsorship estrategiade creating and launching record label) or TRACE (Apparel Management Culural Salt Hotel in Alicante).

OVERFLOW has created a myriad of artistic and cultural projects: MIMAA (International Exhibition of Advanced Music and Audiovisual Elx) Overflow Fest, Overflow Club, Overflow Records, Contrasts, Electro-mute Film Series…; approaching to the public the best international electronic music artists as well as different artistic disciplines as design, photography, illustration and so on.

Positioned as a leading brand and reference, Overflow covers the need to provide a specialized and different offer in relation to what has been done so far in leisure and culture sector. It also has a wide range of specialized services that allow the production of comprehensive projects including all creation processes. Cultural management, artists booking, press, PR, advertising and design are just some of the services that the group offers.

Leading Overflow are a group of highly experienced professionals in the fields of music, film, art and culture. From journalists who have worked for Ericsson Mcann, City of Light and Aidima to creative work for brands such as Diesel, Vans and media as. H, Neo2 or Vanity.

The first Overflow performance occurs in 2004 in Murcia, from where they have spread to Alicante, Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid, Granada or London as a group or through its various partners.

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